In Pizza Time, a legendary pizza delivery driver goes to the right place at the wrong time when he stumbles into the scene of a hitman's contract killing.

Hello! My name is Ryan Polly, and I’m the writer/director of a new short film called PIZZA TIME. It’s a hilarious and action-packed action-comedy in the vein of classic Jackie Chan films. We’re so excited to bring this film to life.

In January/February of this year, we had a Kickstarter to raise initial funds for the production of the film. Our campaign was successful, and we were able to raise a little over $18,000 for the film!

The money we got from Kickstarter was an amazing start to helping fund our film. We are now able to fly in some of our cast and crew, pay for incredible catering and craft services, production gear like lenses and lighting, and pay for lodging for our crew so that we can safely go to bed after being up all night shooting.

But films cost money. We are still needing additional funding to help pay for post-production services like sound design, sound mix, scoring, color grade, and visual effects.

If you feel led to give to our film, we would love to provide you with some rewards! Our Kickstarter is now over, but we will be excepting donations via PayPal for the same reward tiers from our Kickstarter.

Check out the reward tiers below! If you want to give, just click the “donate” button next to the reward and enter the amount.

Thank you!

Ryan Polly
Maker Table



Digital download of the PIZZA TIME original score full of synthy-goodness composed by Ben Worley!


$25 - THE FILM

Download a pre-release digital copy of the completed film! We will even throw in a fancy little Pizza Time enamel pin. You are special today.


The film, the score, the enamel pin, and your name will be included in the credits of the film. Thank you!



The complete behind-the-scenes package including the film, score, commentary tracks from the director, the DP, and fight coordinator Eric Jacobus, as well as a full bts documentary on the making of the film. Also the cute little enamel pin.



Everything from the complete digital package, plus a limited edition 18x24 poster screen print designed by Bret Hawkins.


Everything from the complete digital package, plus 2x tickets to the premiere screening of PIZZA TIME in the Dallas area for you and one of your closest friends. Before you ask– yes, it will probably be a pizza party.


Join our crew! You're on the team. Your name will appear on IMDB and the credits of the film as "Associate Producer", and you will be able to visit the set for one day. You will also receive 2x tickets to the premiere and everything in the digital package.


You are a co-producer! Join our crew on the set on every day of production. Your name will appear on posters, covers, credit-rolls and other cool places. You will also receive 2x tickets to the premiere and everything in the digital package.


Join our team as an Executive Producer! Receive a special collectible item from the film and join us in person on set, in post-production, and any festivals we're lucky enough to get into. Your name will appear on posters, IMDB, credit roll, and other cool places. You also will receive 4x tickets to the premiere and every reward item imaginable related to the film.